Let me tell you about Navigating Nutrition...


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If you've ever...

>> Been afraid to eat something because you thought it was a “bad” food

>> Felt pressured to workout more and eat less without any success

>> Wanted to look good naked without sacrificing feeling good


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I've been there...

Burnt out and foggy-headed, frustrated with my body, and feeling really stuck.


For years on end, I survived with IBS, heartburn, and chronic fatigue with no clear cause, and no guidance from healthcare professionals ("Your labs are all fine.").

In 2019, I fell into Nutrition Coaching (after coaching CrossFit for 7 years) because I realized I wasn't the only one struggling with the same misinformation.

The more I learned, the more I recognized the connection between our gut health & our mindset...


And that's where Navigating Nutrition was born! 

Hey, I'm Arielle.

I'm a Functional Nutrition Coach, and I help high performing, type-A women nourish their bodies to beat bloating, brain fog & fatigue, and finally find food freedom. 


Prior to starting my own nutrition coaching business, I coached CrossFit for 8 years, and have since been insanely passionate about how to create a life where I feel (& look) great, and perform better both mentally & physically.

I believe in looking at our health from a holistic lens, taking into account my 4 Pillars of Health that I work with my clients to optimize in their own lives: Sleep, Hydration, Movement & Nourishment.

I'm so passionate about helping my clients (& you!) optimize their health because I've hit rock bottom (aka burnout) many times, and I fully believe you don't have to get there in order to be successful and have the body composition & health you want! 

In 90 days, we'll transform your relationship with your body, mind & food

Here's what we can accomplish together:

>> Deep dive into your habits & routines to establish ones that serve you

>> Learn how to make the choices that align with your goals, including understanding how food affects you

>> Create new & sustainable habits around your food choices to help you feel & look your best


Private Community for Accountability & Support 

Surround yourself with the people that will help you achieve your goals & step into that new version of yourself!

Online Resource Portal with Lifetime Access!

Access for life to the tools & resources utilized in Navigating Nutrition, along with self-paced educational material you can visit & revisit as needed.

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Weekly live group calls where you'll get support for what you're working on, and get to connect with your community (& coaches!)

Navigating Nutrition is great for you if YOU:

>> Already work out consistently

>> Are open to looking at food in a different way than you have in the past

>> Are ready to ditch the diet mentality and develop sustainable habits


I want to help you develop the tools to eat better, feel better & do better. 

Sound good? Apply below for Navigating Nutrition!