About Me


I'm Arielle, the Founder, CEO & Boss Lady at Navigating Nutrition. I'm a Functional Nutrition & Mindset Coach, helping busy entrepreneurs & high performers feel great so they can perform better in every area of their lives.
I also live on a farm, raise livestock, and provide tons of free education around where our food comes from, how that affects our health & performance, and how you cansupport your healthy life while also supporting a healthy planet.
My mission is to rise the tides & raise the vibes on our planet by creating a ripple effect of digestible education starting with our leaders.
Thank YOU for rising the tides & raising the vibes with me!



Want to work with me? 

1:1 Coaching

Comprehensive consultation, nutrient & lifestyle plan, and accountability/support along the way!
If you know you need more support and accountability, this is the right place for you to start!

Navigating Nutrition

My signature 12-week Group Coaching program designed to help you transform your relationship with your body, mind & food.

Functional Nutrition Consultation

Comprehensive consultation with nutrient & lifestyle recommendations for you if you are self-accountable and have worked with a Functional Nutrition Practitioner in the past.

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