5 Habits For Successful Body Recomposition

Aug 21, 2021

So you want to change your body composition, huh? 


If you’re unsure, leet’s look at it this way:


Do you have less than 10 pounds you’d like to lose?


Do you want to look leaner?


Do you want to swap the body fat you have for muscle definition?


Then yes, you want to change your body composition. 


I love the human body for this reason. You can weigh relatively the same amount at two points in your lie, and your body composition can look completely different.


That’s because body weight is only part of the equation- muscle mass and fat mass are another part, and how your body functions is another part


So when we take all of these pieces into account, we can look at what habits are required to be successful in changing body composition (rather than focusing on losing weight, because that might not actually be what you want!)


It boils down to 5 habits that are required for body recomposition (creating that leaner look while still promoting performance), and I want to share them with YOU! 


  1. You get to focus on what’s working: this is the attitude of gratitude, my friends! People who are successful (long-term) in changing their body composition are grateful for the changes that are happening, and the work they are doing. When you approach this process with love for your body (and self), you’re more successful. It just is that way
  2. You get to be consistent: find joy in the journey. Long term success with body recomposition requires you to acknowledge this is a long game, and the process is where the magic happens.
  3. You get to focus on nourishing your body: this means focusing on all the amazing foods that you can have that nourish you- all the fresh fruits & veggies, high quality animal proteins and fats, and all the hydration your body deserves. The focus is on what you CAN have, not on restricting.
  4. You get to sleep better: this doesn’t happen on it’s own- you get to shift your focus from doing more to balancing the doing with the rest and recovery necessary to produce the results you want to see
  5. You get to plan & prepare: preparation is what sets apart the unmotivated and undisciplined from those that have great results! You get to create the environment where you can succeed, rather than making it harder for yourself by leaving it up to chance. 


Do you have these habits in place? 


If not, how can you start to develop one at a time? 


A huge part of this process is recognizing that you might not be able to do it alone, and you don’t have to! 


Save this post and share it to rise the tides! 


You deserve to feel (& look) the way you want (aka amazing), and there’s a simple way to get there.

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