Time-Saving Tips for Navigating the Kitchen

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I get it, we’re all busy. And frankly, cooking can take time or energy you’d rather give to something else. Honestly? I feel that way too, sometimes. But then I remember how much better I feel when I take the time to connect with my food, and find ways to enjoy my time in the kitchen.

So what can we do to balance the time and energy we’re willing to give to the kitchen with nourishing our bodies in a way that makes us feel (& look) good?

Cook smarter, not harder.

Here are 3 simple ways you can save time cooking and still get the most satisfaction out of every meal:

  1. Have a plan going into the week: Human beings thrive on structure. This doesn’t mean you have to plan ingredient for ingredient what you’re making, and it definitely doesn’t mean to go scour the internet for complex recipes for each night. But having a loose plan for what you’ll combine each night for dinner can save you loads of time (& mental energy) when it comes time to cook dinner. You can find my Meal Planning Template & Grocery Guide HERE  to make this process even easier! 
  2. Cut up veggies / season or marinate meat ahead of time: if you know you are going to be grilling, or you want to do a big sheet pan dinner, take a few minutes when you have them earlier in the day (or maybe earlier in the week) to prep them! This can save you some time when you want to start cooking- sometimes this saves up to 10-15 min! 
  3. Cook once, eat twice: I’m a huge fan of repurposing meat or veggies for different meals the following day. I'm actually a fan of repurposing most things, including mason jars 😅. Cook double the amount of meat and put half away for tomorrow’s lunch or dinner (or even breakfast!). Cook triple the amount of veggies and repurpose them in salads or stir frys for the week.

Cooking doesn’t have to feel like a time suck- it just takes finding some simple strategies that work for you. Try these out and share with a friend! Maybe you can even get the rest of your family involved in some way. Wait, did I just suggest ... that you ask ... for HELP?! 

Yes, indeed I did. 

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