Avocado Lime Dip

cooking healthy nutrition recipe Oct 25, 2021

The best [blood sugar supporting] dip you can have in your fridge this week


Looking for a solid snack idea for this week? Look no further! 


This recipe for Avocado Lime Dip (and dressing) is my go-to when I’m looking for a snack that won’t cause me to crash immediately after eating


I like to pair it with some carrots and turkey, or use it as a mix for slaw (I use the pre-shredded cabbage, carrots + broccoli package)


Here’s what you need:

>> 1-2 cloves of garlic (I know I say the limit does not exist, but trust me on this one, only 1-2 cloves)

>> ½ Lime 

>> 1 avocado

>> 1/4c Full Fat Plain Greek Yogurt (you can use 2% or 0% if that’s what you have!)

>> 2-3 Tbsp Avocado or Olive Oil (you can use more if you want it to be more like dressing)

>> 2-3 Tbsp Vinegar (I used Figure Ate Persimmon Vinegar- it’s so good! You can also use white vinegar)

>> Salt + Pepper


Here’s what you do:

>> Put all of the ingredients in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth- you might need to add more avocado or olive oil if it doesn’t blend together! 


>> Store in a jar in the fridge- I’d say store up to a week, but I haven’t made it through a full week yet it’s that good! 


The macros are roughly: 

For 50g (about 1/4 cup):

2g Protein / 12g Fat / 3g Carbs


[I used a small avocado (about 100g total), and full fat greek yogurt]


Try this recipe out and let me know how you like it! 

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