3 Easy Lunch Ideas For Busy Humans

cooking cooking tips healthy eating high pereformance habits nutrition recipe Oct 18, 2021

I get it- you’re busy, and taking an hour in the middle of the day to prep and cook (and then eat) a balanced meal seems impossible


So let’s make it more possible, shall we?


The key components to a balanced meal are:

>> Protein

>> Veggie/Fruit

>> Fat

>> Carb


I use this checklist with all my clients (quantities vary person to person) to help create a balanced plate 


This balance helps with:

>> Body composition

>> Digestion

>> Blood Sugar regulation

>> Energy management

>> Stress management

(I can keep going)


So here are some ideas for lunch when you’re busy AF, and still want the benefits of eating real meals


Adult Lunchable AKA Charcuterie Lunch

Protein = High quality deli meat

Fat = avocado/cheese/olives

Veggies = sliced cucumber/peppers/tomato/carrots/snap peas

Carb = some crackers 


Leftovers Harvest Bowl Style

Protein = Leftover from dinner (shredded chicken, steak, fish, etc)

Fat = oil for dressing

Veggies/Fruit = leftover from dinner (roasted veggies) over salad, or sliced up apples, berries

Carb = Roasted sweet potato (leftover from dinner), quinoa (make ahead of time), squash (make ahead of time)


Wrap it Up

Protein = High quality deli meat OR leftovers from dinner

Fat = Avocado Lime Dip (check my feed for the recipe!)

Veggie = Bean sprouts, lettuce, cucumber slices, or zucchini slices

Carb = Tortilla (I love siete foods cassava or almond tortillas)


It doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective, delicious, and nutrient-dense.


Keep it simple on those busy days, and use the not-so-busy days to dive into fancier recipes if you want! 

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