My Favorite Way to Use My Organifi Protein Powder

cooking healthy eating high pereformance habits meal planning nutrition nutrition for women recipe Nov 02, 2021

 I’m going to be real with you- I don’t love protein shakes...

I get too cold when I drink them, and I don’t always feel satisfied after I drink them.

BUT I do love my Organifi protein powder (bc it tastes so dang delicious)

So you could imagine a dilemma, right? WRONG I solved it!


This is my go-to protein snack recipe, plus some ways to dress it up and make it even better:


Here’s what you need:

>> 1 scoop Organifi Vanilla (or Chocolate) Protein Powder

>> 2-3 ounces of almond milk

>> 1 scoop of Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin 

>> A single serve blender


Here’s what you do

>> add it all to the blender and blend until it looks like the mixture is not runny 

>> if you don't have a single-serve blender, you can mix by hand (just whisk it with a fork!)


It comes out like a pudding consistency, and goes GREAT a few different ways:


>> With greek yogurt, berries and some nut butter


>> With coconut butter, sliced apples, and cinnamon


>> With sliced banana, almond butter, and a drizzle of honey


>> On a couple of slices of toast 


We have a magic bullet single serve blender, and we use the small cup, but you can double the recipe if you only have a big blender and save half for later! 


Want to try out the Organifi Protein that I love? Grab it HERE and use code "BLOOM" at checkout for 15% off! 

Try it out, and let me know what combinations you love! 

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